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2016.09.26 – A couple of shows added

I had a great time at the Tap Into History event this weekend. Thanks to all who came out. I’ll be playing again on 10/8 at Hagerstown’s new 1896 Lounge Cafe for their grand opening. I’ll be on from 12pm-2. This will be held during the town’s annual fall festival. I’ve also added a show on 10/15 at J&J Winery in Richmond, IN. That show will be from 6:00 – 9:00. If you’d like your own copy of The Damage We Do, I’ll have plenty on hand. $5.00 show special.

2016.09.01 – Live at the Huddleston House in Cambridge City

I’ll be playing Sunday, September 25 at the Huddleston Farmhouse in Cambridge City as part of a Craft Beer and Barbeque event celebrating Indiana’s 200th anniversary. The event is from 2:00 to 6:00. I’ll kick off around 4:00. Sun King, 3 Floyds, Upland and Noble Order will be on hand to keep you hydrated. I’ll have CD’s on hand (both Forget the Between and The Damage We Do) in case you’ve burned yours up by now. Hope to see you there! Links for more details below…

Official Event Page

Facebook Event Page

2015.12.19 – Looking back at “Forget the Between”

At one time, there was a great online music community called Musicians Together. There, songwriters like myself would post their work, receive feedback and see what other fellow writers were cooking up from all over the world. Occasionally some of us would be lucky enough to get our work reviewed properly. When I released my first album “Forget the Between” I fell into this category and received a review from fellow writer Liam Oragh.

Liam was kind enough to get back in touch with me recently to tell me that his review of my debut album has found a new home on his blog, which is titled “Blog De Los Muertos”. If you didn’t happen to catch this review the first time around or care to give it a read, it can be found here.

I began recording those songs 4 years ago this month. I had no idea how those crude recordings would be received and I can’t thank Liam, and others, enough for listening, reckoning with, and sharing their thoughts about these 10 songs that mean so much to me.


Happy May!

After a long, long wait, The Damage We Do is finally live on Pandora! If you already have the Nate Logston channel set, you’ll be hearing the new tracks. If you don’t have that channel set, you should go do that. Nate Logston on Pandora


Hey, check out the e-store! I’ll fill it up with some goodies. You can nab the new album here for less than the big guys charge.


Physical CD of “The Damage We Do” is available! Get your copy here.


Physical CD will soon be available via Amazon. It features different cover art than the digital release (I got tired of looking at myself). The Pandora review process has begun and the new songs should be available there soon as well!


while archiving some old photos, i came across this gem…



It’s here! Pick up your copy of The Damage We Do on iTunes, Amazon or wherever you prefer to buy your digital tunes. Wherever that may be, please take a moment to also rate/review the album. I’m currently working on making physical CDs available. Stay tuned for that.


I’ve returned from an exciting, encouraging, educational and exhausting trip to Memphis where I did some overdub recording and mixing on all the tracks for the new album. Thanks to Shane for making the long trip there, for hanging in with me in studio for 12 hour no lunch/dinner-break days (well, we ate, but with hands on the faders) and for making the all-nighter trip home with me. It was incredible to work at Ardent Studios (look it up, it’s kind of a big deal) and with Adam. I got to spend some time chatting with an idol of mine, Jody Stephens – drummer for Big Star, got to meet John Fry – founder of Ardent and got to meet the guys who will be doing the mastering for the album.

I now have all the mixes in hand and playing in my ear buds for final proofing. I’ll give it a bunch of listens over the next few days, will determine track order and then will hand it off for mastering. So, we’re awfully close in other words. Still need to figure out album art. Haven’t been able to give that much thought yet. Open for suggestions!


Memphis, near the finish line! – I’m headed to Memphis at the end of the month to finish recording, mixing and mastering album #2! I get the pleasure of working with Producer/Engineer Adam Hill within the famous walls of Ardent Studios! Best friend and lead guitarist on a couple of the songs, Shane Taylor, will be accompanying me and will be in charge of pinching me as we sit to mix these songs, which represent the past 2 years of my life, in the same building as Led Zeppelin did to mix Led Zepplin III (not to mention so many other music idols or ours).


YouTube – A lot of changes have been taking place lately as I prepare for the release of the next album.  There’s now a new channel for my music on YouTube. Please stop by and be sure to subscribe. Music videos from Forget the Between are being transferred over and unreleased songs will be posted again when album #2 arrives. If you’re a subscriber to my personal YouTube channel, you’ll find that not much will change there, but I wanted a youtube channel with some clarity for those just interested in my music.

Album #2 – With the exception of some possible overdubs, album #2 is completely tracked! I’ve done the recording in my home studio and the tracks are now in the hands of Producer/Engineer Adam Hill at Ardent Studios in Memphis for mixing. I’ll be heading to Memphis in the coming weeks for mixing sessions. I’m very proud of this record and am excited for you all to hear it!